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It's time to  skip the learning curve and win at distance productivity. 
Our global team has compiled best practices for remote work into an  

awesome guide for you to use and share with your teams. 

This guide will help you quickly position yourself as an expert, too!

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"I was struggling to adapt to my home office. This guide really gave me a leg up and the confidence I needed. It's simple, practical, and so helpful!

Learn best practices from experienced professionals around the world.

In this guide, the Flint Avenue Marketing team shares what we’ve been doing for years as telecommuters. We share what’s worked for us so that you don’t have to learn the ropes like a newbie. You can confidently prepare yourself each day to do your best work. Get ready to set the groundwork for your success.

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This was Supposed to be FUn

We all think working from home is going to be fun. Until it happens! Sure, you get to trade in your business clothes for athleisure and appreciate the 0-minute commute to your coffee pot, but it’s not quite as easy getting down to business. Finding space, privacy, and getting into a groove from a home office is quite different than we dreamed!

it's actually pretty hard

Managing a house and keeping a level of professionalism while trying to navigate new tools and workflows can be frustrating, even for seasoned remote workers. Noise levels, time management, video conferencing, and interruptions all play a role in our motivation
and work/life balance.

You can do this

Lucky for you, we have remote team members all over the world who chipped in their best practices to develop this guide to help you produce your very best. We’ve included trust building timeframes for digital communication, tools and why we like them, and some overall tips and tricks to help you win at this whole working-from-home gig. You’ve got this!


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Expect all of this and more...

create a winning workspace

We walk you step-by-step on how to set up a productive workspace, establish a routine, maintain a healthy life balance, and how each of these pieces impacts trust. 

Work on the business

We’ve all heard this phrase, but what does it mean? We give you specific actions you can take right now to better position your product, service, and people for greater results.

Communicate like a champ

The information you used to gather passing in the hallway isn’t getting transferred in the same way, but we’ve detailed some communication tools and activities that really change the game.